Sep. 6, 2022

Set Up and Test MSCCL

Build Parts The first part of this article will be focused on building all parts necessary for MSCCL. Set Environment Variables If you’re running on a cluster with Slurm, you can load the CUDA module: module load cuda Then, NVCC can be located with the following. Some software may need this as an environment variable: export NVCC_LOCATION=$(which nvcc) The CUDA home directory can be set the same way: export CUDA_HOME=$(echo "${NVCC_LOCATION}" | sed 's/\/bin\/nvcc//g') MPI is also used during the testing process, so we’ll set an environment variable for that too (note that different systems may use different paths!

May. 3, 2020

Git Basics

Git was originally created by Linus Torvalds (also the creator of Linux) in 2005 to replace the BitKeeper software and help with development of the Linux kernel. It was obviously designed with this in mind, and works best with source code and text files. Git is maintained independent from the Linux kernel, and is not managed by private companies like GitHub or Gitlab. Benefits of Using a Version Control System (VCS) With a VCS, we can easily do the following things: